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18 december 2020

Listen here to Robert Nijkamp's podcast about data and storage from the farmer and data foundation.

This podcast is one of a series of four. Would you also like to hear what other farmers think about data applications in agriculture? Click here... to listen to the rest of the series from the Boer & Data Foundation, in collaboration with Mechaman.

november 20st, 2020

You are stronger together. Not only within Farmersnet, but also beyond. That is why we have jointly set up a foundation with a number of initiatives in arable farming and dairy cattle, the Farmer and data foundation We work together in this. Joining forces as a consultation partner with government and developers. Learn from each other so as not to keep reinventing the wheel. But also to use the cooperation as a farmer's strength to become stronger in the chain.

You will find more about the farmer and data foundation and the initiators here...

October 5th, 2020

After our seminar we have conversations with a number of participants and what was especially striking is the variety of wishes, even within the same animal groups. While for one person control over the current business processes is paramount, the other mainly benefits from a kind of (financial) comparison overview. And that applies to all sectors.
As a result of our seminar, we also came into contact with a group of dairy farmers who are also busy recording data on their own farm and developing new applications. They were already talking to a software vendor. We have therefore decided to tackle this together. At the moment, a trial is being set up with this software on two farms (a dairy cattle and a poultry farm) to see whether it meets the expectations of flexibility and sharing data flows, whereby the farmer remains in control and remains in control. We hope to be able to tell you something about this via this site at the end of October and to show examples.

In addition, our own system also has added value if we can share that data with other parties in the chain. That is why we are pleased that a first large slaughterhouse is willing to conduct a pilot with us for data sharing, in which the farmer decides how and when. We have already discussed this at software level and hope to be able to show a first impetus by the end of this year.

In addition to the practical software side, we are working on joining forces with other farmers initiatives. We have therefore come into contact with various other data initiatives, in which the farmer or farmer's wife is the driving force / inventor. And especially in arable farming and dairy farming. In collaboration with Farmhack (a driver of data innovation in agriculture) we are now working on forming a kind of umbrella here, a data foundation or cooperative that other farmers with ideas can join with the aim of jointly managing data flows. The basic principle remains that the farmer is the owner and remains in charge of his own data. If you know farmers and / or female farmers who are working on this, please let us know so that we can work together.

We are now busy setting up these farmers data foundation cooperation with all known initiatives in livestock farming (dairy cattle, pigs and poultry) and arable farming. We hope to be able to publicize this within a few weeks.

All in all, steps are being taken to jointly use our (data) power to create value for our own farm!

If there are any questions or good initiatives that can help us (or vice versa), please contact us.

Earlyer news

On 7 February 2020 we held a seminar on farm house data with the theme "the farmer is back at the helm!" This seminar was very successful, both in attendance and in further steps that are being taken. We had an inspiring story from Leon Noordam of Novifarm about the use of tractor data in crop farming. This appealed to many. Among other things, he elaborated on the collection of tractor data and also the possibility of storing it using a block chain as a kind of guarantee of authenticity.

We also explained how data from the farm computers can be stored in a relatively simple way and what benefits this could offer to farmers.

n addition, we have already formed a few groups per animal species that will soon see which data can best be started. You can also register for this by clicking on "subscribe farm" at the top of the screen.

Finally, we can report that there are more groups of farmers in the Netherlands working on deepening data and joint analysis and storage. We therefore explicitly seek connection with this. The first conversations have already taken place! If you are also working on something similar, please contact us. Together we stand stronger!

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